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Our Beef is 100% grass fed and raised in a low-stress, natural environment. At Perry's Walnut Lane Farms, we make the process of selecting your beef simple and seamless. To start, you have the option to select your share of beef and securing it with a deposit. This deposit reserves your share of the steer or heifer and once the animal is transported to the butcher's shop your ownership officially begins! It is our trusted butchers that will provide us with the "hanging weight" of the animal, which will help determine the final balance due.

All of our beef is Dry Aged for 11 days giving it a deeper and richer flavor. Please note there is an additional butchering fee due to the butcher. You can expect this fee to average $0.70 - $0.85 per pound based on the original hanging weight in addition to how you would like your beef cut and packaged.

For additional questions or further breakdown of costs, please see Our FAQ section below!

We now offer beef directly to customers by selling quarter, half and whole shares of cows.
We also offer 20 lb. packs right from our farm freezer to yours.

How it works and what you're buying


This varies. A full grown steer can weigh as much as 1400lbs or as little as 800lbs live weight. When it's dressed and hanging it will weigh about 55-60% of it's live weight. The cutting process eliminates another 25-30% of the hanging weight with bones and excess fat. The final yield from a 1100lb live weight cow will be about 120lbs/quarter or 480lbs for the whole animal. You can ask for a heavy or lighter animal and we will try to accommodate as best we can.

All cost are based on the hanging weight.

The cost per hanging pound is $3.25. If the hanging weight is 650lbs and you buy a quarter then your quarter weight equals 162.5lbs. Your cost for the quarter cow is 162.5 X $3.25 = $528.12. The butcher fee will then be about 162.5 X $.70 = $113.75. There may be additional butcher fees depending on how you want the meat packaged and cut. Your total for this example would be $641.87 for one quarter. The meat you would have from this size animal will be about 115lbs so the cost per pound would work out to under $6 per pound.

To store a full size 1200lb steer after it's processed you'll need about 20 cubic feet of freezer space. A quarter will require about 5 cubic feet. A quarter will normally fill the freezer of a standard refrigerator/freezer.

It takes about 3 weeks from the time we drop off the animals to the time the meat is ready to be picked up.

We will reserve a quarter or more for a deposit of $200 per quarter.
Cash or check payable to Perry's Walnut Lane Farms.